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We design and create experiences by developing a new and improved interior for your business. Whether you have a shop, an office space or are looking to enhance your visual merchandising we can help.

Based in Madrid, Estepa Interiorismo provides a complete vision for interior design to create innovative commercial formats. Our goal as a company is to discover new business concepts and push the limits. We want to take this art one step further.

We accept all kinds of challenges. We develop commercial projects but we can also work on the interior design of a home. We do so by proposing designs that fit coherently with the business plan of the company or with an idea that the owner of the home has. In addition we consider carefully how any project fits in with the surrounding environment.

For every new interior design project we aim to adapt the space to the needs of the client. In Estepa Interiorismo we fulfill each request in three phases, each taken with the care and attention they need to make the project a success.


Preliminary Phase


Interior Design Phase


Design Execution Phase

Preliminary Phase

In this first phase of the development of interior design in Madrid we set the groundwork with which we will work on the project that has been commissioned. At this point of the project, there are two aspects that are essential for the final success of our work.

  • Information we nned to know: For this, we interview the client, asking for a lot of information about the place to be renovated. With all the details that you provide, we will define a needs program or ‘briefing’. This first contact is very important to understand the ideas that our clients have and the final results they are looking for.
  • Economic availability: What is your budget and what are your priorities? This is of course an important part of the project to be developed.

Interior design phase

After having accepted the budget prepared by our team, we will develop the blueprints and design sketches needed for the integral development of the project. These are presented to the client in order to receive his or her feedback and apply any requested changes.

At this point, there are two possibilities:

  • If the client has only commissioned the design of the project, our work is already concluded. However, in order to give continuity to the project, we would recommend moving on to the next phase as we will have in-depth knowledge of the project by this stage.
  • To continue with the project we will now prepare the work budget, which will comprise the items corresponding to the work. Once this second budget is accepted as well, the project is executed.

Design execution phase

At this point, we will bring to life the design that we all agreed together for your home or business. We organize ourselves through a work calendar, in which we mark a delivery date that we will meet.

For us reaching the delivery date is an obligation. We are committed to always deliver the interior design project on time. Regular communication with the client is a must, so in case there are any delays due to factors that are out of our control, we will notify them.

Working with professionals and having experienced Project Managers leading the project ensures that the deadlines will be met and the choice of materials used will be high quality. As we always say, surrounding ourselves with the best in each sector is what makes us a successful and outstanding company.

If you want to have the best interior design company in Madrid, you simply have to get in touch with Estepa Interiorismo. You will have at your disposal from the beginning of the project a great team of professionals who will give you a fabulous experience and a delightful outcome.