It is absolutely clear to us that each space must evoke sensations and create experiences. In Estepa Proyectos we accomplish this by developing a new and improved space for your shop, business, through retail and visual merchandising.

We have a complete view and understanding of interior design throughout Spain which allows us to create innovative designs. We are continuously learning and updating our work as our main objective as a company is to discover new business concepts which we can later work with. Our current philosophy believes in looking beyond the conventional ideas and taking this craft one step further.
We design affordable businesses. The majority of people view interior design as something which is merely material-focused. However, we do not see it this way.

We not only create the design and the decorations for your premises, but we also help your business succeed by implementing targeted interior design strategies.

Interior Design is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals as it is the most potent and credible medium to communicate with your client. Interior Design is communication, it establishes relationships with your target customer and thus it is a crucial piece in any marketing strategy
within a company. 

We accept all types of challenges as we believe that interior design is the best showcase for any type of space. We develop business and shop projects but we also work with home spaces. We accomplish this by proposing designs which are coherent with the client’s business plan or the house owner’s ideas. We always implement this concept in order to attain a greater cohesion with the environment and its surroundings.

The goal we have in mind when faced with a new project, be it a home or a business space, is to adapt the space so as to meet the client’s needs.

In order for the project to turn out as planned (for us and for our client), in Estepa Proyectos we acknowledge that there are four stages in the development of a project which must be completed.

Each stage is of vital importance and each step of the process must be valued in order to achieve success.


Preliminary Stage


Initial Draft Stage


Project Design Stage


Project Execution Stage

Movimiento de la mano icono gratisPreliminary Stage

In this first stage we set the foundations for our work within the project that has been entrusted. At this stage of the project there are two essential aspects to consider if our work is to be successful. For this reason we follow through a series of steps which will help us dive deep into the client’s needs.

  • Information: We need knowledge. For this reason we will interview the client so as to request detailed information about the premises we will be working on. We will then define the brief using all of the information collected. This first contact is very important for us if we  want to be able to understand the client’s idea and what they would like the end results to be.
  • Financial possibilities: We will need to know what financial possibilities are available for the project. It is crucial for us to know the budget we are counting on for the project’s development.

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Initial Draft Stage


With all of the information collected during the early stages, we then present our ideas for the project to our client. We will do this in an unrefined and schematic manner as the project will not be defined in its entirety at this point. In spite of being an initial outline of the work, this first idea already shows where the project will be heading towards. The fact that we involve the client at this stage is something which helps us receive initial feedback which is essential for a successful project.

When reaching this point we attach the budget for the interior design project. We do this in a format that is compiled by the designer, according to what was agreed upon with the client. We then hand in in a researched and detailed budget.

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Project Design Stage

Once the budget devised by our team has been accepted, we create the plans and drafts for the design which we will need for an all-round development of the project. We present these to the client in case there are possible future modifications. At this stage, there are two possibilities:

  • If the client has solely commissioned the design of the project, our work ends here. Honestly, this is something we do not recommend as no one other than the designer will know the in-depth details of the project. This could lead to misunderstandings and delays on the construction site.
  • If in addition to the project design, the client chooses to execute the construction work with us, we will devise the construction budget. Once this second budget has been accepted, we then go on to proceed with the project execution.

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Project Execution Stage

Having reached this point, the only thing left is to depict everything that was previously designed on paper onto the space. We organise ourselves around a work calendar which we use to mark the final deadline we need to meet.

The fact that we work with professionals and an experienced Project Manager leading the project, assures that all deadlines will be met and that the use of high quality materials is guaranteed. We always like to emphasise that surrounding ourselves with the best in the field is what gives our work credit.

If you want to work with us you simply need to get in touch with Estepa Proyectos. A great team of professionals will be at your disposal from beginning to end, leaving the space to renovate as you had always dreamt of.